Spicy Minestrone Soup


I think that from now on I’ll be more laid back about the food pictures I take; this will allow me to be quicker and more spontaneous, meaning, more recipes will be posted! I’m taking the pics with my phone only.

Today is a silly rainy day in London, it’s a bit warmer but spring will take a while longer to arrive – I think. So I felt like having a nutritious filling hot soup. I normally cook straight after coming home from work, so I tend to take shortcuts and make my recipes a bit faster when needed. I would like to warn you that I don’t know how much chilli you should use and I never will. Every chilli is different, even the ones from my plants are unpredictable and once they’re dried the flavour becomes even richer.

Makes 2 generous portions

• 700 ml veggie stock
• 250 gr precooked mixed beans
• 40 gr small pasta
• handful of chopped kale
• 2 tbs tomato paste
• 1 tbs semolina
• dried chilli, crushed
• salt and pepper to taste


In a saucepan, bring the stock and tomato paste to a boil. Since there will be pasta in the soup the cooking stock should be reasonably salty (imagine you’re cooking pasta).
Add the small pasta, crushed dry chilli to taste and some black pepper. When softened, add the precooked beans and the kale.
Finally, add the semolina stirring continuously to avoid lumps.
Done! Feel free to add salt and pepper or chilli if needed.


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