Shiitake Mushroom Stroganoff (variation)


This is another mushroom stroganoff; why is it different? Well, first of all these are shiitake mushrooms. I am in love with their texture! Secondly, I made the sauce using chickpea flour as a thickener. Let's see what happened:


(Serves two)

• 150 gr pasta
• 500 ml warm water
• 1 heaped tbs egg replacer
• 1-2 tbs chickpea flour
• 200 gr shiitake mushrooms, chopped
• salt
• pepper
• 1 heaped tbs nutritional yeast
• chives, chopped, a handful
•1 tbs soy sauce


Cook the pasta according to packet instructions. In the meantime, place the egg replacer in a medium pan. I used the egg replacer as an extra precaution but chickpea flour is also a good thickener. Feel free to try a version without the egg replacer if you wish so.
Add a couple of tablespoons of warm water and whisk until you get a thick paste. Add the chickpea flour; the more you add the thicker the sauce! Add the rest of the water little by little while stirring continuously. Add salt and pepper (you decide how much!)

Place the pan on the stove on medium heat. Bring to the boil and decrease the heat to a minimum. Whisk from time to time. By this time the sauce should be quite thick. Add the soy sauce, the mushrooms and nutritional yeast. What you can do before this is to quickly stir fry the mushrooms prior to going in the pan. It adds extra flavour but it’s optional. Let cook until you’re happy with the mushrooms’ texture. Add half of the chives and wait for a few minutes. Adjust with salt and pepper to taste if needed.

Remove the pan from the stove, give a final stir and pour the stroganoff on the pasta. Top the pasta with the remaining chives. Et voilà!


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