Short considerations after my 7th Veggieversary


With the new month come new tasks and responsibilities; I’m trying to be organised and make it all work out so that I can still work full time, cook, spend time with real life people, my cat, study, clean… Can time be stretched? 24 hours are not enough. I guess this is one of the issues with living a modern lifestyle in a large city like London. There’s always something to do and not enough time for it.

Anyway, I’ve officially been veggie for 7 years. What I would like to say is that I regret not being 100% vegan sooner. I had a really hard time, first with my family in Italy and then when studying in Spain, I was fighting every day to be accepted as a veggie. Taking it to the next level would have been a big task for me.

The question was: am I still going to be loved? Some people thought I was weird and relations were threatened. But the other big issue was, am I really going to be ill? People tried to scare me with B12, iron and protein issues. Some took my side but I had enough work by just keeping it together.

How I wish I had more materials back then to read independently and refute those arguments! If there is one thing I’d recommend to anyone transitioning is: read, read, read. Supplement if you have to but be prepared with valid arguments. A healthy well-informed vegan is a good advert for the vegan cause, whereas ill-informed choices will not do any good to the individual nor to society.

My favourite book is definitely The China Study because it opened my eyes and made me wonder “why didn’t I know this before?”. With Whole, Dr Campbell proposed a new strategy for spreading a whole foods, plant based diet. Not from the top down, but from the bottom up.

We are the people and well-informed choices and how we spend our money have the power to influence the industry and its behaviour. What we buy every day at the supermarket can change the world. What we read and how we choose the sources of our information is very important and cannot be neglected. Don’t allow other people to choose for you.


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