A Year Later

It’s been a year since I shared my last post here. No, I have no excuses. Sometimes things happen in life which need immediate attention, you rush to fix those things and get sidetracked. But again, that’s no excuse.

So the question now is, what has changed in the vegan world over the past 12 months? The question is unavoidable because I’ve been away from this platform for so long, I wonder if my approach needs any readjustment.

There has definitely been a great improvement in the popularity of the vegan, plant-based diet. Thanks to increasing numbers of celebrities adopting this lifestyle – or even just the diet – there has been a boom in new restaurants, foods and content. New food ranges make it even cooler to be vegan as we can now show off our delicious junk food to the omnis. Sainsbury’s sale of vegan products exceeded sales expectations by 300%. London has never been such a great place to be a vegan.

However, my friends, it’s only too easy to feel deceived and start thinking that the worst is over and we can sit down and relax on a bed of roses. Just a couple of weeks ago I was sitting on a bus on my way home from work and the girl sitting next to me was on the phone discussing food with a fellow foodie. And the words came, “All the vegans will die”. I wish she had known there was one right next to her.

I never heard a vegan wishing the death of omnivores. Vegans can be quite vocal and yes, they will shove content and facts right in front of you but they never, in my experience, make such dark and grim wishes.

In conclusion, there’s no rest for the wicked. We have it easier but there is so much more to do, not just to make our lives easier and avoid someone wishing our death, but also to keep decreasing the number of victims created every day by the omni system, i.e. the same reason why we went vegan to begin with, to save the animals and all the beautiful creatures of the world. Keep it up guys!


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