Welcome to my brand new blog!

In brief: vegan, from beautiful Sardinia, Londoner, with an interest in nutrition, travel, photography, books and gardening.

Why am I vegan? Veganism is for me a way to happiness, harmony and health. I wish to show that vegan is a happy word, which means compassion, understanding and creativity. Yes, to reinvent your lifeΒ and prepare new dishes, you have to be(come) creative!

Feel free to contact me: veganquake[at]gmail.com
It is important to remember that we’re a lovely community and we’re doing this together.


All photos have been taken by me and should not be used without my permission. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “About

    1. The thing is that there are more vegan places in London than anywhere else I’ve been in Europe (not been to Germany though!!), the problem being that they’re not 24/7 and generally not near normal work places, rather in “trendy” areas like Camden, Hackney and so on. However, if you’re near Tottenham Court Road and haven’t done so yet, try Vantra Vitao πŸ™‚


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